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Visiting Guests Event:

Alvin Youngblood Hart & Scott Barretta 

Wednesday, October 4th


Chris Young Cafe



Artist Talk on Wednesday, November 15th

Deep Roots: Evocations of the Mississippi Blues

works by Bill Steber

September 11, 2023 – February 16, 2024

The Mississippi Delta was built up over millennia by the alluvial deposits of the mighty Mississippi River. From this fertile land has grown the blues and gospel culture that has ultimately enriched us all with its stories of survival and triumph over adversity. Stories transmitted and transformed through the genius of fingers on strings and piano keys and lifting voices plaintive and pure that ease the suffering of troubled souls, theirs and ours. 


The land that once sustained Native Americans for thousands of years, as well as generations of African Americans seeking freedom from the bonds of slavery and Jim Crow oppression, still hides many of its secrets but also has stories to tell for those willing to listen. Standing in the middle of a plowed Delta field at night, clouds passing over the face of the moon as the winds gently shake the leaves of a nearby canebrake, you can still feel the presence of the many lives that came before in the soft ground beneath your feet, filled with bones, pottery, bricks, and memories. 


It is a land with deep roots.

Special Thanks to the following:

Dr. Andrea Hall and the Public Relations Storytelling class including Victor Barney, Terica Black, Gabriel Clemons, Trayce Davis, Davina DeWitt, Sam Flynn, Erika Higashide, Shanell Higgins, Emem Oshionebo, Jared Stuart, Karli Sutton, and Jeremy Tate for their tireless work on preparing the interviews for the exhibition.

College of Media and Entertainment Dean's Office

Alvin Youngblood Hart and Scott Barretta


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