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R.L. Burnside

Chulahoma, MS 2003

Born November 23, 1926 in College Hill, just north of Oxford, MS, R.L. Burnside lived most of his life in Holly Springs, MS as a farmer and local musician. Heavily influenced by the hypnotic, fife-and drum-influenced music of the North Mississippi Hill Country, Burnside's driving, groove-laden guitar work became a hallmark of the region, in the tradition of other local guitarists like Fred McDowell and Ranie Burnette. With a series of releases on Oxford-based indie label Fat Possum Records, Burnside became the world ambassador for blues from the Hill Country, popularizing music from the region and influencing popular rock groups such as the North Mississippi All-Stars and the Black Keys. A remix of one of his recordings, “It’s Bad You Know,” was used as the theme song of the Sopranos. 

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R.L. Burnside "Don't Be So Evil" 

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